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Spiritual answers to questions about being in the spiritual grace, Presence of God’s Peace, Love and Wisdom.

The Three Principles of life

Our thoughts create our feelings ABOUT our life.

We all have an inner Presence of Peace.

Our conscious feeling of the Presence creates our thought IN our life.

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What is Three Dimensional Spirituality?

The Physical includes all things seen by the rational head.

The Spiritual includes all things unseen which are sensed by the conscious heart.

Three spiritual things that exist which are unseen are Conscious Feelings, Rational Thoughts and an inner Spiritual Presence which contains Peace, Love, and Joy. There is a Wisdom that comes from the experience of the Presence.

All of us are always looking for one thing: to feel good.

All of us always solve all of our problems with only three solutions.

One Spiritual Dimension is our feeling about what happens to us. Here we think events create our feelings. Negative events create negative feelings. If we can change the event to being positive, we then can feel good. If we cannot change the event, we become victims to it.

Two Spiritual Dimensions contain both Rational Thought and Conscious Feeling. It understands our thoughts, not events, create our feelings. Change a negative thought about an event and you change a negative feeling into feeling good. If we cannot find a good thought we will never find closure to what happened.

Three Dimensions uses Conscious Feeling, Spiritual Presence and Rational Thought. When we cannot change the negative event or thought, we can transcend them by being open to our Spiritual Presence. When we are out of the Presence our, rational thought creates our conscious feeling about the event. When we are in the Conscious Feeling of the Presence of God (good), Rational Thought gives us Wisdom in and not about the event. It is here we become victors, not victims, of past events and we find closure from past memories.

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Fr. Paul's Thoughts

Fr. Paul is posting new material in his blog "Fr. Paul's Thoughts".  Read more

Dealing With Marriage Infidelity

FINDING FREEDOM FROM PAIN AND CLOSURE TO LOVE Before we can resolve emotional pain we must know where it comes from. It is natural to believe your pain comes from what happened and who did it. As long as one thinks this way, they will always be a victim of what happened and will not be able to find closure to move on in their life.  Read more

Dealing With Marriage Infidelity

One of the most misunderstood words in our language is "Forgiveness". We need to know what it is not, what it is and to know how to do it. Forgiveness does not mean what was done was alright and we can start all over as if nothing ever happened. If your best friend cheats you and you forgive them it does not mean you have to trust them.  Read more

Dealing With Marriage Infidelity

The problem here is, we have what is called separate realities. There is an event that happens to both. The event creates different thoughts that create different feelings: +feeling = +thought --- EVENT --- thought = -feeling You cannot know how she is feeling about the event, but you can know the feeling she has about this event when you feel the same about another. EVENT = FEELING = EVENT  Read more

Dealing With Marriage Infidelity

These sessions can be seen as setting boundaries. There are two ways to set up boundaries. We can set up external boundaries to get internal peace or we can get internal Peace to set up external boundaries. Advice columns try to set up external boundaries. They give good advice on what to do and say. Setting up external boundaries gives one a sense of peace of mind to think in a positive way. The problem comes when the boundary is broken by the other person. It can easily bring back the old fear, hurt and anger.  Read more

True Closure or Fairy Tale Closure

True closure happens to all of us almost every day. Our life depends on how we use it. When it works, we may not see it as closure. When it does not work, there are those who do not believe it exists. They call closure a "fairy tale".  Read more

The Emotional Sandwich

What we think out of the Presence: our negative thoughts create our pain about the situation. How we think in the Presence: the feeling of the Peace creates a peaceful thought in the situation. This is something we cannot just think about or memorize. We can only discover by doing it. Wonder what difference it makes when you are in the Peace Presence of God or when you are out and feeling the pain about what happened. You will receive the Wisdom you are looking for to bring balance into your life.  Read more

Moving Past Anger

Take a quiet moment to discover the difference between what you are thinking and how you are thinking. Think of your anger toward something someone did. Wonder what difference it would make if you were feeling the Presence of the Peace of God. If you can get in touch with the Presence, you will receive a Wisdom you could not have if you were out of God's Presence and feeling angry.  Read more

Dealing with a Guilt Complex

When we have the feelings of a guilty conscious, it is a sign we are out of His Presence. Under the Law, when we are out of the Presence of the Love of God, we confess our sins to be forgiven and to be loved by God. In grace, we get in the Presence of the Love of God to be forgiven. We confess our sins because we are forgiven.  Read more

I Have an Anger Complex

"I have a problem with not being able to fully control my anger." One of the problems with anger control programs is, it isn't the anger. We use our anger to cover our real feelings. When you are Out of the Presence, your reality is pain and anger about what you think happened to you. When you change how you think In the Presence, you change what you think of the event. Within us is a Presence that can put our life back on track.  Read more

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