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This twelve part series is an attempt to make clear how to follow our heart by explaining an intangible concept!!

Final Notes

Check the Reset Button In Your Heart


The rational head sees the physical seen.

The conscious heart feels the spiritually unseen.

Some will and others will not understand the "Follow Your Heart Sessions." They are a unique attempt to share with others the "How" to discover what we are looking for within ourselves. Many talk about the wisdom to do this but few if any point to how to do it.

The reason it is helpful to know how to do it is because we all have a valuable piece of equipment that is guaranteed to last a lifetime and it happens to be in us. It is our spiritual reset button to the heart. We all use it all the time. Most all have not put a name to it. Once we do, we can use it any time, in any place and under any conditions.

When a person calls 911 and starts frantically telling them their problems, the first thing the operator says is, "Calm Down."  It is surprising how the voice can change to becoming more peaceful and clear.

When we are able to calm ourselves down when faced with emotional issues, we are pushing our reset button.

The catch to the reset button is we cannot do it rationally.

Rationally our negative head thoughts create negative heart feelings about our problem.

When we push our reset button, we do not try to change the thought or the event. We transcend them. The image is that of our standing on one side of a lake. We want to get to the other side. The lake is our problem. It is stopping us from getting to the other side.

The lake is the negative thoughts that have created great frustration in our heart. There is nothing we can do. We want to ask Jesus for the answer to our problem. The first question we need to ask is did Jesus ever tell you He will answer our problem? I don't find that He promises to answer any one's issues.

He does not answer our questions about our problems. He gives us the solution to solve them. His answer is to press our reset button. How we do it is with the "Three P's", Problem, Present and Presence. It only works when we are willing to take a problem we have and try it out.

Here is a chance to try out the Three P's.

Problem: Think of an issue that has been dogging you. Let your heart feel the pain as you think of your issue.

Present: Take a quiet minute just being aware of your surroundings. Getting into the present is critical. The farther away our issue is the less power we have over it. Become aware of the light around you. Be aware of the physical objects around you. What is the temperature of your surroundings?

Presence: Put your hand on your heart. Take a deep breath.

Become aware of the sense of Peace you begin to feel in your body. Begin to wonder what difference letting your heart feel the Peace makes in the way you think about your issue. When you discover the difference you will have a Wisdom to see things differently. When this happens to you, you have pushed your reset button.

An image that might be helpful is to go back to the lake where we are on one side and our issue is on the other. The lake is blocking our chance of reaching the other side. Our problems are not the problem. The lake is our thoughts that create how we feel about our problem.

Look around and you will see a small row boat. It is simple rather than complex. It is a P. The boat. It is Jesus' boat for us to use. Get in the boat, start rowing and mind your Three P's.

row boat

Comments (1)

  1. Janice Cranney:
    Apr 10, 2015 at 08:37 AM

    I truly needed to read this today! Thank you Uncle Paul.


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