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Spiritual answers to questions about being in the spiritual grace, Presence of God’s Peace, Love and Wisdom.

The Three Principles of life

Our thoughts create our feelings ABOUT our life.

We all have an inner Presence of Peace.

Our conscious feeling of the Presence creates our thought IN our life.

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What is Three Dimensional Spirituality?

The Physical includes all things seen by the rational head.

The Spiritual includes all things unseen which are sensed by the conscious heart.

Three spiritual things that exist which are unseen are Conscious Feelings, Rational Thoughts and an inner Spiritual Presence which contains Peace, Love, and Joy. There is a Wisdom that comes from the experience of the Presence.

All of us are always looking for one thing: to feel good.

All of us always solve all of our problems with only three solutions.

One Spiritual Dimension is our feeling about what happens to us. Here we think events create our feelings. Negative events create negative feelings. If we can change the event to being positive, we then can feel good. If we cannot change the event, we become victims to it.

Two Spiritual Dimensions contain both Rational Thought and Conscious Feeling. It understands our thoughts, not events, create our feelings. Change a negative thought about an event and you change a negative feeling into feeling good. If we cannot find a good thought we will never find closure to what happened.

Three Dimensions uses Conscious Feeling, Spiritual Presence and Rational Thought. When we cannot change the negative event or thought, we can transcend them by being open to our Spiritual Presence. When we are out of the Presence our, rational thought creates our conscious feeling about the event. When we are in the Conscious Feeling of the Presence of God (good), Rational Thought gives us Wisdom in and not about the event. It is here we become victors, not victims, of past events and we find closure from past memories.

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Dealing with Unfathfulness

She has lost all trust in me. I have said I am sorry, but she keeps bring it up to me. When is she going to get over it a so we can move on together? In Three Dimensional Spirituality you realize what you are thinking is not working. You need to change from what, to how you are thinking. Getting in touch with your inner Presence can give you Peace in and not about what you did.  Read more

Parent Teen Issues

My parents never listen to me and I don't listen to them. It seems as if you have a problem with your parents. Everyone including you are looking for only one thing, to feel good. Everyone, including you, have only three ways to solve any problem. In Three Dimensional Spirituality, you discover you have within you, a spiritual Presence of Peace you can depend on. It can bring emotional balance into your life.  Read more

Spiritual Solutions for Relationships

In one Dimensional Spirituality, relationship fights are caused by low moods. Each of you is trying to change the others mood so you can have a high mood. When one is in a low mood, you try to get the other in a low mood by fighting over something "stupid". Each of you thinks if they can get the other person to agree with them, they will find peace. Three Dimensional Spirituality is changing from low mood, what you are thinking, to high mood, how you are thinking.  Read more

3D Spirituality and Conflicts in Relationships

In one Dimensional Spirituality, you try to change the other so you can feel better. In Two Dimensional Spirituality you realize you cannot change him. In the Three Dimensional Spirituality, you are not looking for answers but a solution.  Read more

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