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Year C Twenty-Fourth Sunday After Pentecost Meditation

Zaccheus may have been among the tax collectors at the Baptism of Jesus. Luke 3:12 Jesus met with many tax collectors and publicans during his short three year ministry. In Luke 5:29, a Tax collector named Levi who became the Apostle “Matthew”, made Him a feast in his house with a great company of publicans. In Luke 7:34, Jesus was accused of eating and drinking with publicans. In Luke 15:1, “All of the publicans drew near to hear Him.” It would be difficult to believe Zacchaeus only knew of Jesus; they likely knew each other personally. How did Jesus know who that person was in the tree? After all, He called him by name!  Read more

Year C Twenty-Fourth Sunday After Pentecost Bottom Line Meditations

Twenty-Fourth Sunday After Pentecost: When no one is watching, grace lives as if someone is. Think Legalism: “Sins” are immoral acts that cause separation from God. Feel Grace: “Sins” are immoral acts that are caused by separation from God.  Read more

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