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Pentecost XIV: Bottom Line Spirituality

Godly Abiding Spiritually in Jesus Changes the Meaning of What we See Worldly When Not Abiding in Jesus.

Discover what difference reading these scriptures in a Worldly or a Godly way make.

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It is essential to know Godly Thinking does not change the meaning of scripture. Jesus changes the meaning from worldly material to Godly spiritual. His words are not flesh. They are Spirit. Godly thinking is the Spirit of Jesus in our heart. It creates wisdom for our head. Worldly thinking is in our rational head that creates our human feelings in our heart.

OLD TESTAMENT Deuteronomy 4:1-2, 6-9

Worldly: "This great Nation is a wise and discerning people."
Godly: "This great Nation is a wise and spiritually discerning people."



Worldy: "Who may dwell in your tabernacle?"
Godly: "Who may dwell spiritually in your tabernacle?"


EPISTLE: James 1:17-27

Worldy: "The implanted Word has the power to save our souls."
Godly: "The implanted Word consciously heard has the power to save our souls."


GOSPEL: Mark 7: 1-8, 14-15, 21-23

Worldly: "From the heart, evil intentions come."
Godly: "The thoughts from the head create evil intentions that come from the heart."


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