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What we are thinking about an event is changed by

How we are thinking in one of the following Dimensions.

One Spiritual Dimension:  We think events create our feelings. Negative events create negative feelings. We change the event to feel positive about it. If we cannot change the event, we become victims to it.

Two Spiritual Dimensions: Understands our thoughts, not events, create our feelings. We change a negative thought about an event into a positive one to feel good about the event. When we cannot find a positive thought, we will not find closure to what happened.

Three Spiritual Dimensions: If we cannot change the negative event or thought, we can transcend them by being open to our inner Spiritual Presence. When we are out of the Presence, our rational thought creates our conscious feeling about the event. When we are in the Conscious Feeling of the Presence of God, we find Peace in, and not about, the event. We have a Wisdom to become victors, not victims, of past events and find closure from past memories.

This is the first and possibly the only web site teaching about

Three Dimensional Spirituality

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