The Spiritual Intelligence Handbook


Fr. Paul Edwards

The Rev. Paul Edwards is an ordained Episcopal Priest and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He is Rector Emeritus at Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Fullerton California. Since his retirement he has found the time to write this book on spiritual intelligence.

About twenty five years ago, I stumbled across the mother lode of spirituality. I found it to be the missing link to life. I also found it to be almost nonexistent in the Church. For years I spent time going to workshops, reading books, studying preachers and seeking the meaning of “abiding”. When I discovered the three principles of “thought”, “Presence” and “consciousness”, I discovered the solution, not the answer, to what we are all looking for. If you know a solution but have no problem you still will have no answer. The solution has been applied to many problems found in over forty years of ministry. It speaks to the questions of who we are and our struggles with our codependency, dependency and addictions. It deals with such topics as marriage and family relations and personal issues with our pain, anger, guilt and grief along with questions of spirituality.

This is a practical handbook book speaking to hands-on questions. I am not a writer. The book was written because no one else has written about this before. Hopefully once it catches on there will be many such presentations. This is not a self-help book. It is to impart an understanding of the difference it makes when we work our life either in or out of the Presence of God. To do this we need to know how to get into His Presence. That is the basis of spirituality and this book.

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The Spiritual Intelligence Handbook

Who Are You?

Marriage and Family


Theory of Spirituality

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