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It is not what you were thinking

It is how you are thinking.

Spiritual Solutions for Relationships

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ASK THE REV: We argue over every little thing all the time. They are stupid fights. One of us throws a big fit; the other gets mad and stays mad. We need to find the answer to our problems so we can live together in peace.

In one Dimensional Spirituality, relationship fights are caused by low moods. Each of you is trying to change the others mood so you can have a high mood. When one is in a low mood, you try to get the other in a low mood by fighting over something "stupid". Each of you thinks if they can get the other person to agree with them, they will find peace.

In Two Dimensional Spirituality, you realize you cannot win the argument by changing the other's mind.  You try to change what you are thinking about the argument. If you can change what you are thinking, it will bring peace.

In One and Two Dimensional Spirituality you are depending on resolving your issues to find peace. Attempts to find peace by changing what you or the other is thinking may be a temporary truce. It will not be a real and lasting peace. The issue is not the issue.  It is the mood.

Three Dimensional Spirituality is changing from low mood, what you are thinking, to high mood, how you are thinking.  People in high moods can reason together, negotiate, and settle issues. Within you is a spiritual Presence of Peace you can depend upon. This Peace brings balance into a life that is out of balance. It is not an answer. It is a solution. In a high mood Presence of Peace, you will see things differently than when you are out of the Presence of Peace and feeling upset. This gives you the opportunity to not only bring Peace to yourself but Peace in your relationship.


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