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The major cause of our problems is being stuck in a fixed mindset. It is not that we have only one mindset. We have several for each problem. That is why it is so difficult to change a mind set. There are many known and unknown sets.

Take a problem with finances. If we have a problem with our money, it is our mindset that has caused most of it.  One mindset thinks we need more money. We must earn more to get more to pay off the debt. There is another mindset that says, "don't worry about being in debt. Don't worry about interest rates." Another says, "buy the best brand new items." Another says, "we must always be ahead of others in what we own." And the beat goes on.

Then, suddenly, you get it: you need to spend less, rather than earn more that is never enough. Trying to change one mindset is not enough. It will take a lot of emotional energy to run against all the other known and unknown mindsets that are justifying having more than you can afford.

Addictions are the same way. "I need a drink," the mindset says; either to celebrate or to get over a depression. It doesn't really matter. Any excuse is as good as the other. The mindset is, "If I do not get a drink I will not feel good. I am not an alcoholic. I don't have time to do the treatment.  I can't afford it anyway. It is easier to drink than not to drink." There are so many other mindsets that need to be changed it can be overwhelming.

Relationships are the same way.  Unless we uncover our mindsets there will be no significant change. "I have to be right. They are wrong. I don't have time to listen. They have to understand me.  I don't need to change. They need to change. I don't have time to hang around the relationship. I need to find someone who will agree with me."

New Years resolutions are another example. The main one is, "This year I am going to lose weight."  Change the mindset and now go on a diet, do exercises, go to the gym. These are the big ones. They are like huge cargo ships in an ocean filled with enemy U-Boats.  You cannot see them, but they see you. They torpedo your great effort to change your new mindsets. They sabotage your dreams. They blind side you. You never know what hit you.

Some people will not change their mindset because they think their problems are caused by the events around them.  Everything that happens is luck. You just have to wait for the right train to come along. Their problem is they keep getting on the wrong train!

Those that are able to recognize the power of their own mindsets find change slow, but possible, as they have so many they need to change. As they plod their way through therapies of all sorts, they only knock off one at a time. One slip and they can get kicked back to where it all began.

It reminds me of a quarter horse I once was put on to ride. I am not a rider, but things were going along well. Well, that is until the horse turned to go home; then BOOM Jerk, jerkity, jerk, up and down.  I had to dive off the horse so as not to break outstanding limbs.  That is the way many of us react to trying to change our mindset.  One little turn and it is a chain reaction.  It is the domino effect.  Humpty, dumpty did not have anything like what we have to go through. A lot of effort, but no guarantee of a change.  It is complicated.

The problem with changing our mindsets is we have to discover and change all of them or nothing will be changed.  It includes all the past memories, remembered and not remembered. All the hurts, fears, stored up anger, unforgiveness, guilt, depression and much more. Some we only remember when the moment arises to stir them up. Some sit in the back of our thoughts all the time, ready to critique everything we do.

What if there is a guaranteed way with little or no effort and it is simple. Life gets better. It is called "The Common Sense Mindset Change". The mind must be set to understand, not try to learn, common sense if it is to work. There are only three things one needs to know.

  • Common sense realizes that thoughts, not events, create our feelings.
  • What we see as our reality is not the truth.
  • A change of our mindset changes our perception of the reality of the event.

We know we all have experienced a sense of Peace in a difficult time when normally we would be stressed out.  There is, somewhere within us, a Peace we can access.

We know we all have both rational thought that sees events outside ourselves and conscious awareness to sense things inside of us.

How do we change our mindset? We do not try to change the old mindset. It is the difference between intervention and understanding.  It is done by understanding the difference we experience being in the old mindset or being in the new Peace-Love Presence mindset. From there, we can make our common sense choice.  This is all we need to do, because it is not the many answers to the many mindsets that other ways seek.  It is The One Common Sense Solution to changing all mind sets.  Common sense moves from trying to change what we think about our problem to how our inner feeling of Love-Peace changes how we feel IN the situation. With that comes a Wisdom we can never have without the common sense of our inner feeling.  Which makes more common sense, being in the old mindset or in the Peace-Love Presence?  What is in your mindset?

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