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Christmas Eve

One of the sayings I hear around Christmas is "it does not seem like Christmas." It is an interesting question to ask ourselves "what do you need for Christmas to seem like Christmas." Some people need snow, others sun, some Christmas trees others palm trees. There are the cards sent and received with little notes attached. Some need the family dinner, the gifts given and received, others the carols, the midnight Christ mass at ten PM. Some even need the free way clogs and the mall shopping. What do you need to make it seem like Christmas?

The next question is: what is more important for you than what you think you really need? I ask this while thinking of what we have been through, weather wise, as a Nation this past year. There were people who lost their most prized possessions in hurricanes, fires and floods. Whole houses were destroyed, property was lost. There was death and injury.

Some of those who went through it and lost everything still found something else to be grateful for. They were not being Pollyanna. It was right from the heart. They were thankful for something other than what they thought they needed. What do you need that is more important than what you think is important; not only for Christmas but for your life?

The third question is to wonder what did Mary and Joseph need for their Son. The birth of Jesus is known for its basics, a borrowed manger in a borrowed stable. Perhaps there really were cattle lowing and even a shepherd or two escaping the cold night. It was not much but it was what was needed for the birth of the Son of God. What simple things do you really need, not just want, to celebrate Christmas beyond what you are depending on now?

The next question: instead of asking what you need to make it like Christmas, ask what is it God needed to make it feel like Christmas? Take a moment to Wonder what was it He needed. All God needed was one open heart to bring in the new Light that would lighten the World. The answer is always the same. God needs an open heart. Take time to open your heart to God this Christmas Eve and you will get the feel for Christmas you may have missed. It is never too late.

We open our heart by wondering what difference experiencing the Presence of the God, who loves the World, makes in our life. What difference does the experience of the Love of God make in your life right now? When we wonder what does God need for His Son and we open our hearts to Him, we will suddenly realize what we need most to celebrate Christmas for the rest of this year, perhaps for the rest of our life.

What do you need to celebrate Christmas?

What we do not need are the physical things

This is a spiritual event. We need to learn how to celebrate spiritually. Get out of the rational Christmas of disappointment. Get in the spiritual Joy to the World of Christmas.

Get out of the rational Christmas


Get into the spiritual Christmas

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