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When I started preaching I used the principles to illustrate the Scripture. People would leave with an understanding of the scripture. I then made a change and would use the Scripture to illustrate the Principles. People would leave with an understanding of Scripture and of Principles they could apply to their life.

The Three Principles are Thoughts about our life, Consciousness of the Spiritual and Presence, the experience of grace. We know that thought creates our feelings of our life. The rational mind sees the seen. The conscious heart senses the spiritually unseen. We only can consciously experience the unseen spiritual grace.

I am a preacher not a writer. There are no typos in preaching but there will be some in this writing. Just picture it as a sermon and not an epistle.

Advent I Mark 13:24-37 Watch, Keep Awake!

In the Scripture for Advent I, it is presumptuous to believe Jesus is talking about a physical return. “This generation shall not pass away until all these things will come.” He was either terribly mistaken or those who think this is a physical return are the ones mistaken.

What does this mean spiritually? In the darkest times in our life Jesus will come with great power and glory. He is near and at the gates of these difficult times for us. We may not know the exact time He will come, unless we watch. Keep awake! Become conscious of His Presence within.

We can watch two ways. Rationally we watch for the physical signs. Consciously we watch for spiritual signs. Those who spend their time looking for physical signs have made predictions that have never come about. How many sermons have you ever heard that these are spiritual signs? Some are so afraid of their spirituality they dare not even touch the issue. Yet this is what everyone is looking for. Everyone is looking for one thing, that is to feel good. “Gut” is the Anglo Saxon word for “God”. Everyone is looking to feel God.

There is only one way to feel God. That is to consciously sense the Spirit of Jesus, God has poured into our hearts. Gal. 4:6. The grace of God is always in all of us. We all do not always experience this Presence. When we are out of the Presence of God’s Love, our thoughts create our feelings. When we are in, the Feeling of His Love creates our thoughts.

If you are in a dark time in your life at this moment you may be trying to figure out what to do rationally. It may have worked for you in the past, and it usually does. However this may be a time you cannot change the event to feel good about it, or you may not be able to think of something that could make you feel good about what happened. You may be rationally waiting for God to intervene and can’t see any action.

You know how it feels rationally take time now to discover what happens spiritually. Wonder what difference it would make if you were experiencing the Presence of His Love and Peace in and not about the event. When you are in, you will discover a Wisdom you never could have had when you were out. When we are out we seek to find the wisdom to find the Peace. In the Presence we seek the Peace to find the Wisdom. When you are through with this study hopefully you will understand the meaning of the Scripture and how the Principles can impact your life by consciously watching.

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