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Lead Us Not Into Temptation

The phrase “lead us not into temptation” is a puzzle to some. They wonder why God would lead us into temptation. They are working with the theory first and then the action. Think about it. When we are not being tempted there is a different answer to the question than when we are being tempted.

When we are not being tempted we struggle with the idea of God leading us into temptation. When we are being tempted we know God would not lead us into temptations, but we would. God leads us away from temptations when we are about to decide to enter into it.

The other day I found myself waiting in a grocery line. There was a customer who was taking a long time trying to find her card. Her Husband was strongly ordering her to do this and then do that. The line kept getting more and more impatient as I was. I was strongly tempted to think all kinds of nasty, depressing and low mood thoughts. Suddenly I found myself praying “and lead me not into temptation,” and then added “but deliver me from evil” The Lord was saying “DON’T GO THERE!” The prayer worked and in a short time I was in the Presence, doing God’s will on earth as it is done in Heaven (spiritually).

When I am in God’s Grace Presence I realized that it is not God who leads me. I am the one lead who leads me into my temptation. I need God to lead me away from temptations. This is done by getting into the Presence and realizing what a difference it makes. We need to stay there and not figure it has been resolved so we can go back to being a judgmental worry rat all over again, in other words to stay focused.

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