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Don't Throw Your Life Into the Ditch, or How to Get Your Life Out of the Ditch

Life is made up of three things, our rational thoughts, our conscious sensing and our spiritual Presence. How we deal with these three, about or in what happens to us, creates our life.

We can choose to depend on our rational thoughts to create our feelings about life. This process creates a life that depends on how we think about what happens to us. There are times we cannot seem to find the happiness we seek. Perhaps we do not have the love we need. Our life can be filled with stress and frustration. When we depend on our rational thoughts to create our life experience, we can run our life off into the ditch.

When this happens our choice can be to blame someone else, or something or ourselves for making us run into the ditch. We then try to dig our life out of the ditch. Our problem is we continue to use the same rational thinking that got us into the ditch to get us out.

There is only ONE reason we run ourselves into the ditch.

That is because we cannot find the answer to a rational thought that would make us feel good about an event, a person or ourselves. We can always ask someone else who thinks the same way as we do. Most of those we ask, use the same thinking we have and that gets them into their own ditch. Granted, a fresh pair of eyes might give us a new temporary thought that works. The problem of finding limited answers is they do not solve the problem. We will always need more answers. The real solution is to have the tools to get our life out of the ditch. If we had them, we never would have gotten into the ditch in the first place! All we need are the right tools of rational thought, conscious sensing and spiritual Presence for the solution.

There is only ONE solution to an unanswerable problem.

That solution is to consciously find the feeling of our inner Presence which will create the thought in the problem. This life Presence process creates a thought that determines how we think in what happens to us.

When nothing works to get us out of the ditch, we can always consciously call for the tow truck. We have the phone number that we can call night or day; and it is a free tow. The number is 1 266 724 687 (Conscious) and ask for "The Presence". The spiritual Presence is the unconditional, inclusive grace in all of us. All of us are not always consciously in touch with the Presence. When we consciously call, The Presence will have Peace, Love or Joy send us a thought in the ditch that will pull us out! With no charge!

Now that we know the phone number and who to ask for, it is no big deal. When we travel the road of life, sometimes we can hear the speed bumps of anger, pain or guilt. It means we are getting off the road. All we have to do to save ourselves an accident is to get back into the Presence.

It is either that, or we will have to call Him. "In Him was Life and the Life was the Light of the World". John 1:4.

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