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This twelve part series is an attempt to make clear how to follow our heart by explaining an intangible concept!!

Part 9. Life is a Good Feeling

John 10:10 "I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly."

The rational head sees the physical seen.

The conscious heart feels the spiritually unseen.

We are all looking for one thing in Life, for a good feeling. The word "good" has a root meaning "God." We are all looking to feel the Love of God. When we look to feel good rationally, what we think about the event creates our feeling. Life becomes conditional. If we think the event is positive we feel good. If it is a negative feeling we do not feel good. We tend to carry the pain of past events in our mind.

We try to change the event to feel good about it. If we cannot make a change, we become a victim of our past. If we can change how we think about the event to feel good, we can move on in life. If we cannot change the thought, we cannot move on with closure.

What we can do in all things, no matter what the event may be, is to feel the Love of God "in" not "about" all things.

What They Are Saying About Our Spiritual Life

Life is like the measles, we all have to go through it. Discovering how to follow our heart not only gets us through it, but makes us feel completely alive.

An individual cannot know who they are until they have made themselves real in their heart.

You can be yourself when you are in your heart. You'll be happy instead of trying to be someone you know you aren't. You'll have confidence, and life will be SO MUCH EASIER! Think about it. Be yourself.

Every morning you are handed 24 golden heart hours. They are one of the few things in this world that you get free.

When we lose heart, we lose everything.

The Presence lights up a life just by flicking a switch.

Where there is an open heart there is life.

We can only be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.

The purpose of the heart is to know and to be ourselves in one with God.

The most powerful weapon on earth is our spiritual heart.
It gives our life its deepest meaning and significance.

The Spiritual Heart never dies.

Before we can truly live, we must first understand

how to follow our heart.

Dreaming about being in God's Presence is like a person

who lived a dream and lost their real life.

Wondering is a little like daydreaming, but the difference is the best comes when we wake up in the Presence.

What Is Not Being Said Is:

How To Experience Our Inner Life

Step Nine

It is difficult at times to feel the Presence when we are filled with negative feelings that our rational thoughts create. The person is present "here" in our thoughts.

When we separate our conscious feelings from our thoughts, we make them a "there it is."  Then we can consciously seek the Wisdom that only comes from an open conscious heart Presence.

Exercise Nine:

Strengthening Our Conscious Right Brain To Open Our Heart.

This week think of someone you do not care for.

Practice having a rational conversation while sensing your feelings about them. Here they are.

Close your conscious mind and continue a rational conversation.  There they are.

Become conscious of your Peace Presence and continue your conversation in the Presence. Here I am.

Note the difference.



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