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This twelve part series is an attempt to make clear how to follow our heart by explaining an intangible concept!!

Part 6. The Difference Between Being In Or Out Of The Presence

John 8:23 "You are coming from below, I am coming from above, you are coming from the World."

The rational head sees the physical seen.

The conscious heart feels the spiritually unseen.

Things that exist that are seen are physical and are down here on earth. Things that exist spiritually are unseen and are sensed to be upward. When we think with our head we are "out" of the spiritual Presence. When we consciously feel the Presence we get "in". Therefore, when we are in our head we are "down and out" of the Presence. When we are open to our conscious feelings, we are "up and in" the Presence.

What Is Being Said About The Difference Between Being In Or Out Of The Presence

Our conscious heart feels what our rational head is saying when out of the Presence. When we are in the Presence, the conscious feeling of our heart creates our rational thoughts.

When the conscious heart and the rational head bind together we live in real Peace.

Keep all your thoughts alive and aglow from your heart.

When your head is not sure, go into your heart to find Wisdom.  If they both agree keep it.  If they do not agree, let it go.

The head doubts. The heart sees the way

The head sees the darkest night. The heart sees the light of day.

The head dreads to take a step. The heart soars on high.

The head questions, "Who believes? The heart answers, "I do".

Education is what you get from the head. Experience comes from the heart.

The head gives us education to earn us a living,

The heart gives us experience to make us a fortune.

If you believe in something, no proof is necessary. If you don't, none is sufficient.

If you don't find it in the index of your head, look very carefully into your heart.

The rational head waits for that which it can live with. The conscious heart holds the Presence we can't live without.

The head will never make learning how to get into the heart simple, efficient and fun when a way can be found to make it complex, inefficient and boring.

What They Are Not Saying is:

How To Go From Out To In

Step Six

Once we can open our heart to our inner Peace Presence the next challenge is to use both the heart and the mind together. Without practice the rational mind will take over and create our feelings. We need to be able to stay conscious and then think rationally to gain the Wisdom of the Heart.


Exercise Six: Strengthening Our Conscious Right Brain To Open Our Heart.

Follow your conscious heart, but take your rational head with you.

Start by opening your heart to the Peace Presence. Be conscious of the Peace Presence while reading this sentence aloud.

Pause for a moment. Be conscious the Peace Presence  before starting to read the sentence again.

Practice having an imagined conversation with another person while staying consciously in the Peace.




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