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This twelve part series is an attempt to make clear how to follow our heart by explaining an intangible concept!!

Part 11. The Power of Love

John 13:32 "Love one another as I have loved you." (in the Presence of God)

The rational head sees the physical seen.

The conscious heart feels the spiritually unseen.

There are two kinds of life, physical and spiritual. A person in good physical health tends to have good spiritual health. A person with poor physical health, such as cancer, still can have a high spiritual level. Many times a high spiritual level can raise one's physical health. It has been proven that a person's physical endorphins are affected spiritually. The endorphins move throughout the body to fight off disease. They are called "cancer killers" by some. It is a known fact that endorphins are released by persons feeling love. Praying for another can bring the feeling of Love into them.  It has resulted in physical healing.

What Is Being Said About Heart Love

Our thought creates the feeling that manifests as the deed that develops into habit that hardens into character. So let all thoughts spring from the heart born out of Love.

Like people and like them to like you, but find your love where God put it, in your heart.

The Love in the heart never ceases. The first duty in the heart is to listen for the Love.

A Loving heart is sacred territory. A heart that releases Love never grows old.

The heart that Loves is always young. Everyone is the age of their heart.

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve the Love and Affection that is in your heart.

The Heart is where Love believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself.

Heart Love feels like your heart caught on fire.

In the head love is blind; it sees less and wants more. In the heart Love is not blind; it sees more not less; but because it sees more it chooses to see less.

Many people chase after success. Others pursue money.

But the happiest people are those who have found Love in their heart.

Someone else helped put most everything in my brain. All the Love in my Heart, God has put there.

Never deprive yourself of the Love in your heart, especially when it is all you have.


What Is Not Being Said:

How To Discover Heart Love

Step Eleven

We create our world with our thoughts. We try to create the feeling of being loved by others. If we have a negative event that happens, we try to change the event so we can feel loved. When we cannot change the event we will become a victim to it.

Our next choice is to try to change our thoughts about what happened so we can feel loved. If we cannot do this we will never find closure in our world.

Those who are able to move on are those who can consciously open their heart to the Presence of God's Love within. The feeling of Love will create a Wisdom to feel Loved no matter what the event.

Exercise Eleven:

Strengthening Our Conscious Right Brain To Open Our Heart.

The problems that have dominated our life from the past and the worries of the future will disappear in the Heart of Love.

Think of someone you cannot forgive because they hurt you.

Realize you do not feel the same pain every time you think of them.

Become aware that the mood you are in makes a difference as to how you feel about them.

Discover that what happened is not causing your feeling.

If it was, you would feel the same pain every time  you thought of what they did. It must be the way you are thinking.

Wonder what difference not feeling your Love Presence or feeling it makes when you think of what they did.

Note the difference.





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