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This twelve part series is an attempt to make clear how to follow our heart by explaining an intangible concept!!


Philippians 4:12 "I have learned the secret to be content in whatever the circumstances."

To trust our heart is to understand that something inside of us is superior to outside circumstance. In the experience of the heart we will find Peace and Wisdom we can always depend upon under any circumstance.


This is a series to encourage those who wish to discover how to follow their heart.

The first part includes comments made by unknown writers written about the spiritual heart and the blessings that come with following it. Most of the comments have been modified to address particular heart issues. Get a feel for each comment by listening to the response of your conscious heart not your rational head.

The second part points to HOW to follow your heart. It is a unique teaching about what is not written. Other sites teach what to do to follow your heart which is not howto do it. We cannot follow our heart unless we can consciously know how to touch it.

Following our heart gives us an option as to how we think.  Without this option what we think rationally is important. With this option how we think is more important than what we think.

When we feel the Peace and Love of the Heart we will see the same event we say rationally in our head in a different way. We will also have a Wisdom we could not have from a rational negative feeling.

We use both our right conscious brain and our left rational brain. When we rationally start to think about an event our conscious heart feels what our head thinks. When we consciously start to feel the Presence in our heart we create a thought about how we think in the event.

Each week there will be an exercise aimed at strengthening our conscious mind in order to touch our heart. The exercise needs to be done daily to be helpful. Reading about the exercise is the menu. Doing them is the meal. As Auntie Mame once said, "Life is a banquet but most poor slobs are starving to death."


All thoughts do not create feelings. We can think of something and not consciously feel anything. Then we can think of the same thing and have a feeling for it. The second time we did something different from the first. We opened our conscious right side brain. We cannot tell anyone what we did. The conscious is not rational. But everyone knows what you did because that is what everyone else does.

These steps are to gradually take control of our conscious mind so we can know how to enter and follow our heart.

Exercise one: Strengthening Your Conscious Right Brain.

  • Look at something around you and just think about it.
  • Speak to it and say, "There it is."
  • Now sense its presence.
  • Speak to it and say, "Here it is."
  • When you feel something, you are consciously touching the untouchable by opening your heart to your rational thought.
  • Now turn off your conscious faculty from your rational thought and make it an "It."
  • Say, "There it is."

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