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It is how you are thinking.

3D Spirituality and Conflicts in Relationships

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ASK THE REV: Every time I try to discuss my feelings about a problem my words get twisted. I end up feeling lower than low. He says, "I don't know how you can feel like that. I know I would not." The conflict never gets resolved. What advice do you give me?

In One Dimensional Spirituality, you try to change the other so you can feel better. Your first reaction is to try to change how he responds to you. You try to make him understand how you feel, even though he cannot. "I don't know how you can feel like that. I know I would not."  If you can change him so he understands you, things will be fine.

In Two Dimensional Spirituality, you realize you cannot change him. If he will not change, then you are the one who must change. You say, "My words get twisted". If he gets your words twisted, you feel it must be your fault. You think, "If I can only put it differently, he would understand and listen to me."

By trying One and Two Dimensional Spirituality, you are working from outside/in. If you cannot change the situation or if you cannot change the way you are thinking, you will wind up feeling "lower than low".

In Three Dimensional Spirituality, you switch to working from inside/out by changing from what you are thinking to how you are thinking. You have within you a spiritual Presence of Peace you can depend upon.  It can bring balance into your life that is out of balance. It is not an answer. It is a solution. By regaining a sense of Peace, you have an opportunity to not only bring Peace to yourself, but you can be in Peace in your relationship.

In Three Dimensional Spirituality, you are not looking for answers but a solution. Once you are sensing your inner Peace, you will see the relationship differently. You will have new insights as to how to be proactive rather than reactive.

You have the solution within. Wonder what difference does feeling your inner Peace make in your relationship?


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