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It is not what you were thinking

It is how you are thinking.

I Have an Anger Complex


ASK THE REV: I have a problem with not being able to fully control my anger. I've read that anger is associated with a complex. I am too quick to the draw when it comes to my anger. When I get around others what they say kicks off the anger like something a person is doing, someone looking at me the wrong way, road rage, if someone is loud, etc. I have tried everything and nothing works.

When you have tried everything, try something else. One of the problems with anger control programs is, it isn't the anger. We use our anger to cover our real feelings. If you have a headache, you might go into a pharmacy for some medicine. As you stand in line, the man ahead of you draws a gun and tells the pharmacist, "This is a robbery, give me all your drugs." What happens to your headache? It is not gone. Your fear covers it up.

You do not have an anger problem. You have a pain problem. When someone does something that offends you, you feel hurt. To cover your hurt, you respond with anger. Dealing with your anger will not work. It is the pain that kicks off the anger. You need to know where your pain comes from. It is not caused by what was done. It is created by how you think.

The content of your thought is not what creates your pain. It is how you are thinking. You can change the pain and anger by changing how you think in the event.

When you are Out of the Presence, your reality is pain and anger about what you think happened to you. When you change how you think In the Presence, you change what you think of the event. Within us is a Presence that can put our life back on track. We open our heart to this Presence by conscious wondering.

Discover this truth by doing it. Think of something you have been angry about. Begin to wonder what difference being in the Presence of the Love of God makes, when you think of what happened.  Now discover the Wisdom of how to respond in a different way, when at Peace in the event.

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