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9-11 Closure after Bin Laden

Over 3,000 souls died on September 11th, 2001. The grief not only was for their friends and relatives, but also for this country. There are those who found closure and have moved on in life. There are many others who are still seeking closure from this tragedy. Some have found it in the death of Bin Laden. Many others have not found it even at the news of his death. Some never will find closure. Closure for them is impossible. It is a fairy tale. They might agree with the fact life goes on, because it does. However they cannot agree with getting over it. Every day they remember the loss of their loved ones. Every day they feel the pain of what happened to them. How can there be closure for them or for us from a horrific event or personal loss?

Closure will depend on finding a good feeling to replace the feeling of pain over the loss of what happened. There are events that can happen to us so horrendous we cannot find any good feeling to come out of it. If we cannot find something good to feel about we will never find closure.

We still have a chance to find closure. We need to realize our thoughts create our feelings. When we think of the event there are times we will feel more pain that at other times. Also the mood we are in will determine the depth of the pain. This being true it could not be the event that is creating our pain. If it was, the pain would always be the same. It must be the way we are thinking. When we cannot find a good feeling about the event we need to seek to find a positive thought to create a positive feeling about event. This is called the power of positive thinking. It can change lives and bring closure. There are some events that happen in which we cannot imagine any way we can think positive about. In this case there will be no closure.

In spite of the fact that no good event or thought can come out of a horrifying event, some still find closure. This takes understanding. We can recognize we have all experienced, at different times, a Peace within us. This Peace has got us through certain times which would have totally destroyed us. It takes practice to discover this Peace. It takes conscious wondering not rational thinking. It begins when we wonder what difference being in the Presence of this Peace or out of it would make when thinking of the event.

When we think out of the Peace Presence our thought creates our feeling about the event. When we wonder in the Presence the feeling of Peace will determine how we think in the event. We move from trying to feel peace in thinking about the event to feeling Peace in the event. The closure comes when we discover we do not have to feel pain every time we think about what happened. We begin to grasp the truth it would be possible to feel the Peace in the event. The light at the end of the tunnel can bring freedom from being a 911 victim by not trying to find closure about the event but in the event. Phil 4:11

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