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Wake Up! Look Around! It Is Epiphany!

The word “Epiphany” means manifestations. It is that which is unknown, made known. It is the Wise men not knowing where they were going, but suddenly there is the New Born King. It is about the unknown Jesus among those to be baptized. Suddenly the Heavens open, the Holy Spirit like a dove descends upon Him and the words thunder, “This is my beloved Son!” It is the Eucharist when suddenly in the blessing of the bread and wine, they become the Bread of Life.
Epiphany is the “in between time” Season. It is in between the Advent, Christmas and the Lenten, Easter Celebrations. We have been filled with the Holy Days and duties of the Incarnation. We look forward to the spiritual depth of the death and Resurrection of Gods’ Love, followed by the anointing of the Pentecostal Power of new Life in the Spirit.

We can’t stay on a high all of the time. We need a rest some where along the way. This is our time for the rest. I remember a time in the Sierras when I was camping with my sons. We got caught in one of those unexpected Mountain rain storms. In the tent during the downpour, water was seeping through the tent flaps and around the bottom of the tent. Suddenly the storm was over, the sun was out and it was our time to rest. As we looked further into the horizon there were dark clouds coming. We were in between storms. There was no time to kick back. We knew what to do. There were ditches around the tent to be dug, supplies to be covered and clothes to be tented. It was a different story during the next storm. All was safe ad secure, tented down and dry.

That is the way it is during Epiphany. It is a “no frills” Season. There are no distractions, no great choirs, memorable music or crowded services. There is not much to learn but there is plenty to discover. It is the time for you and I to hunker down. Do the basics. Discover in a deeper way how to access the Presence of the Spirit that is within us. There is a song called “June is busting out all over”. The words are shouted out, “Look around, look around, look around! You can see it come. June is busting out all over.” That is what Epiphany is about. Don’t treat it like it is winter. It is the June month of the Christian life in us.

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