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Year A Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Read this scripture gracefully. It starts out, “the Kingdom of Heaven is like a landowner who went out early in the morning.” It is about the landowner, not the workers. It is about God and His Grace. Physically it may not seem to be fair. Spiritually grace is not “fair”. This is the way salvation is. The same wage is given unconditionally and inclusively to all.  Read more

Pentecost XI John 6:24-35

This scripture is a good example of the difference between rational and spiritual understanding. The rational could not understand how Jesus could be the Bread of life. For them, "bread" meant the "manna" that God gave during the Exodus. How could a person be bread? Jesus makes the compare and contrast difference.  Read more

What We Believe Is Determined By "How" We Believe

What we believe determines the kind of life we will live. How we believe is the determining factor of what we believe. There are an infinite number of things about what we can believe. There are only two ways that determine how we believe.  Read more

Easter And The Resurrection

It is always amazing to some that there are those who believe in the resurrection. It is also amazing to others that some do not believe in the resurrection. Who are you to believe? The bottom line is, it is up to you.  Read more

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