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Year A Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday offers us the opportunity to view scripturally the “Three in One doctrine”. It creates a problem because while God is one, God is also three. How can that be more confusing? How can that be important? There are those who have had a close experience with one of the Three Persons and are content to stop there. Belief in all three as compared to just one does not make a person better. The belief comes through experience. All of us have had the experience. We just have not had the name to go along with the experience.  Read more

Trinity Sunday

Most people have a better knowledge and experience with God the Creator and Jesus the Savior than the Holy Spirit the giver of Truth. Trinity Sunday is a time to emphasize the Spirit. St. Augustine wrote that the first two thousand years were the years of the Father. The next two thousand years were the years of The Son. He then prophesied that the third two thousand years will be the years of the Holy Spirit. We are now at the very start of the coming Age of the Holy Spirit.  Read more

Trinity Sunday Bottom Line Meditations

Trinity Sunday: Jesus took legalistic words and gave them the grace meaning to consciously feel the difference being in the Presence of God rather than rationally thinking out.   Read more

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