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Spiritual Intelligence: 12 Steps to Life

The problem is people who want to feel good are looking on the outside rather than on the inside to find the presence of God. If you have spiritual intelligence, you are working a twelve-step program. And if you are working a twelve-step program, you have spiritual intelligence.  Read more

Spiritual Intelligence: The 5 C's of Relationships

When people come into a marriage they exhibit five C's: (1) good communication, (2) good commitment, (3) good compatibility (4) good cohesion, and (5) they have good communion (intimacy).  Read more

Spiritual Intelligence: Overcoming Bullying through Self Esteem

Many self esteem programs work with external affirmations. Most professionals would agree it is better for a person to look within rather than outside themselves. The fact is we all have an inner peace. Accessing this inner peace can be taught All dysfunctional behavior is caused by insecurity. Learning to access the inner peace is the key to eliminating all psychological problems dysfunctional behavior Sin and separation from God.  Read more

Spiritual Intelleigence: Co-dependency

Accessing the presence of God's peace (which is within you) is the key to eliminating all addiction, dependency, codependency, dysfunctional behavior, and all psychological problems. We no longer have to be victims of our past and what happened to us, because we can learn to access God's peace within us.  Read more

Spiritual Intelligence: Overview

Who couldn't use more Spiritual Intelligence? Check out my book by clicking on the menu item with the same name. Want even more or rather watch a video? I am posting my presentations on Spiritual Intelligence as videos; one for each chapter. The first, "Overview", is now available.  Read more

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