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Year C Seventeenth Sunday After Pentecost Meditation

Jesus was sharing with the sinners and tax collectors. They all drew near to hear Him. The Pharisees were off in a distance grumbling about Him. Jesus tells the three parables. Literal thinking sees the point of the parables is show the Love Jesus has for sinners. What was the real meaning of His parables? You have a lost sheep and the shepherd leaves the righteous ninety and nine to search other for the lost sheep. A woman loses her dowry. She may not be able to be married if she does not find the coin. She finds the lost coin and rejoices. Literally, we would think this was about the joy of having sinners repent. Wasn’t that what Jesus was supposed to be working with?  Read more

Year C Fifth Sunday in Lent Bottom Line Meditations

Fifth Sunday in Lent: Worldly thinking only knows the physical. Godly thinking knows both can choose which is best for them. Which would you choose in each case? The Season of Lent is an opportunity to strengthen our spiritual abilities to look within ourselves. These exercises can help us discover the different meaning looking at the same scripture from the spiritual side can make. Thinking worldly, the path is physical. Godly, the path is spiritual grace. Which would you choose?  Read more

Fourth Sunday in Lent

Jesus loved being human. His greatest joy was being with people. That is why the sinners gathered around Him. He was non judgmental, loving but best of all they all had a good time. The Pharisees did not interrupt Jesus and His group. They preferred to murmur away from them but loud enough so their griping could be heard by all. "This fellow welcomes sinners and eats with them." Jesus then leaves His group and calmly walks over to the Pharisees and tells the familiar story we call the “Prodigal Son.”  Read more

Second Sunday in Lent

We need to be clear that Jesus loved being Jesus in this world. He loved all people unconditionally in the Love of the Father. Jesus enjoyed being with everyone He met. He had a Joy no one could take from Him. Some might argue that He did not have joy over His crucifixion, being tortured to death for three hours. However, St Paul hits it in Hebrews 12:2 “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross.” The Joy of His Resurrection and what it would bring into the world overcame that terrible dark Friday. His Joy was not because of what happened. His Joy was beyond what happened.  Read more

Follow Your Heart Part 10: The Gifts and the Fruit of the Spirit

This twelve part series is an attempt to make clear how to follow our heart by explaining an intangible concept!! There are four spiritual gifts in the Presence: Peace, Love, Joy, and Wisdom.  Read more

Spirituality For Dummies

I was watching television the other day. There was a doctor who had spent much time studying the brain and how it handles stress. The conclusion was, once the brain is developed there was not much a person could do in how they handled their emotions. They were given a bit of an ability to deal differently in some situations. However, most of how they responded was already preordained, programmed, and predictable.  Read more

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