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Year A Eighth Sunday after Pentecost

What to do with miracles? Some miracles are one shot occasions, such as the changing water into wine. Other miracles are for individuals only and mostly only for one time. Peter’s walking on water was just for him at that one moment. Some miracles are done by empowering the followers of Jesus such as healings by the disciples. Some miracles are done on several occasions only by Jesus. It is to show forth His glory and that He is God incarnate.  Read more

Pentecost XIII John 6:15, 56-69

The wilderness was where revolts started and here were 5,000 men, a number symbolic of a revolutionary force, listening to Jesus' appealing message. His constant reference to the Kingdom, end times, and conflicts with the religious leaders was part of their manifesto.  Read more

Pentecost IX John 6:1-21

This parable is the principle between what you think rationally and how you think spiritually. If you read it rationally you will apply the principle to understand the scripture. If you read it spiritually you will apply the scripture to understand the principle. Rationally, this is John telling us the story of what Jesus did to feed the 5,000. Spiritually, this is Jesus wanting his disciples and us to understand the principle of the difference between a "what" and a "how."  Read more

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