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EPIPHANY IV Mark 1:21-28 Is this a new Teaching? The Authority of grace.

Rational understanding's feelings are determined by what happens. Spiritual understanding's feelings determine what happens.

What is new in this chapter? Rational understanding sees it as the authority of Jesus to cast out a demon. Casting out demons is not new, for that day at least. Jesus was accused of casting out demons in the name of Satan. His response was, "if I cast out demons by Beelzebub, by whom do your sons cast them out?" Matt 12:27 This was not something that was new.

Spiritual understandings knows what was new was the authority of grace to break the Law of the Sabbath. Do not miss the number of times Jesus kept breaking this Sabbath law. What was new was His authority to break the Law of Moses. Jesus' authority was different than the authority of the Law. The Bible tells us, the Law came through Moses, grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. John 1:14,17

Rational understanding knows how it feels to break the law. There is guilt, shame and fear attached to it. Following the law brings the peace and love of God. The Law of Moses is conditional and exclusive. It is only for those who obey the Law.

Spiritual understanding knows the difference between trying to do God's will to be in the Love of God or being in the Love of God to follow God's will. Out of the Presence of God, people try to do something they cannot do. It is impossible to follow every dot and iota of the Law. It will bring guilt, fear and hypocrisy. It is pretending to follow what you can and to ignore what you can't. In the Presence of the Love and grace of God, we fulfill the law by doing the loving thing.

Jesus' new teaching was the Commandment to Love one another as I have Loved you. Rational understanding attempts to love others so God will love us. Spiritual understanding knows Jesus loved us by being in the Fathers Love. We must be in the Love of God before we try to love others. Do you understand the difference between trying to love someone to be loved and being loved in order to love someone? If so, you have spiritual understanding.

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