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This twelve part series is an attempt to make clear how to follow our heart by explaining an intangible concept!!

Part 8. The Wisdom Of The Heart

John 16:13 "The Holy Spirit will lead you into all Truth."

The rational head sees the physical seen.

The conscious heart feels the spiritually unseen.

When we are "down and out", our rational head determines how we feel about the event. When we are "up and in", the feeling of the Presence creates the thought or the Wisdom in the event. When "down and out", our conscious feelings agree with our head. When we are "up and in", our rational head agrees with our conscious feelings. The discovery of this Wisdom comes when we are "up and in," never when "down and out."

What Is Being Said About The Wisdom Of The Heart

To find Wisdom, measure your heart not your head.

Many thoughts will walk in and out of your head, but only true Wisdom will leave footprints in your heart.

The insight that shines in the eye is really the light from the heart.

Keep in your heart and the singing bird of Wisdom will come.

The heart of a fool is in his head, but the mouth of a wise man is in his heart.

When the eyes of the heart meet the eyes of the head, hold strongly to the Wisdom.

The Wisdom knows the song in your heart and sings it back to you when you have forgotten how it goes.

Knowledge from the mind may be good, but Wisdom from the heart is better.

As long as Wisdom points you in the right direction, it does not matter the size of your steps.

In following the Wisdom of the heart, you do not ask how far you need to go. Instead, you go as far is as needed.

When we are out of the Presence, we ask for answers. In the Presence, we trust our Wisdom.

They who cease to learn from the heart cannot adequately teach others to learn.

Wisdom is like stars. You will not succeed in touching them with your hands, but you use it as your guide to reach your happiness.


What Is Not Being Said Is:

How To Discover The Wisdom Of The Heart

Step Eight

We can have thoughts without feelings when we learn to turn off our conscious mind. Our thought will create our feeling when we open our conscious mind to our rational thought about the event. When we open our conscious mind to feel our inner Presence, we will create Wisdom in the event. It will be different from the thought feeling about the event.


Exercise Eight:

Strengthening Our Conscious Right Brain To Open Our Heart.

This week think of someone you know very well.

Practice having a rational conversation while sensing your feelings about them.  Here they are.

Close you conscious mind and continue a rational conversation. There they are.

Become conscious of your Peace Presence and continue your conversation in the Presence. Here I am.

Note the difference.


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