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Year A Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Background: Following Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem He goes to the Temple where they are selling sacrificial animals and changing money. He casts them out and cleanses the Temple. The very next day He is back teaching in the same temple. The religious leaders are furious with Him. He has set His death. It is only a matter of time. They have their man. They need the evidence. They are here to trap Him.  Read more

Year C Twenty-Sixth Sunday After Pentecost Meditation

“Then came to Him certain of the Sadducees who deny that there is any resurrection” What we are thinking is irrelevant. How we are thinking is relevant. The lesson today is an example of the fact that literal thinking trying to get rational answers to spiritual questions is irrelevant. Only spiritual thinking can get grace answers concerning spiritual questions.  Read more

Advent I

The theme for the Advent Season is to recognize how our Worldly thought outside of the Presence can create negative feelings and how the Godly feeling in the Presence can create positive thoughts in the same situation. Luke 21:25-36.   Read more

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