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First Sunday in Lent: The Temptation of Jesus

When we read this scripture in a worldly way we examine rationally each temptation to find its meaning. What is the meaning of changing the stones into bread, but to feed Himself? What is the meaning of leaping off the top of the Temple, but to show His Power and satisfy His ego? What is the meaning of being given all the Kingdoms of the world, but to satisfy His need for material things? We have found the three meanings as to why Satan tempted Him. That is it. We are done here, on to the rest of the Lenten Season. Just a minute! There is still another question that the rational cannot grasp.  Read more

Walking the Virtual Labyrinth

For Labyrinth lovers. Want to learn how to crack the Chartres Labyrinth Code so you can walk the labyrinth at any time, in any place, under any conditions and with any space size? Want to walk in with your issues and walk out with new direction?  Read more

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