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Common Sense About Your Anger

We must recognize the common sense that there is only one cause for our anger. It is our thoughts and how we think about the event. When we experience a negative event, what we think about the event creates our feeling of anger. This is hard to believe unless you personally can discover it for yourself. You cannot just read about it. If you have doubts, you have to use your own person experience of anger to have the common sense to discover where it comes from.  Read more

Common Sense and the Church

A simple and doable purpose of the Church would be to “build Christian community to enable people to live Christian lives in the Presence of God’s grace.”  Read more

What's in Your Mindset?

  Read more

The Difference Between Advice and Common Sense

We live in an age in which we have passed over the old fashioned common sense to get to advice because it does not take as much time as discovering common sense. We prefer to have the quicker, drive in and out advice. This kind of advice is like fast food. It is full of things that are not good for anyone. The advantage of common sense is that it is an innate part of our life.  Read more

Common Sense in the Information Age

The time we live in is commonly called "The Information Age". The current age is characterized by the ability of individuals to have instant access to knowledge that would have been difficult or impossible to find previously. We have been transformed into an information society. Instant news coming to us by computers, twitter, texting, and cell phones. It has made us learning junkies. We have become addicted to seeking more and more information and knowledge.  Read more

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