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Church Year C Meditations Have Started

Fr. Paul's Church Year C Meditations have started. They are available in his blog titled "Meditations for Church Year C".  Read more

Meditations on Year C Introduction

I am sure you have heard it said, "Life is a journey." I believe this is true, not only in your physical or "Worldly" life, but is even more true of your spiritual or "Godly" life. The most important part of this journey is developing a better understanding of who God is and how to satisfy the yearning for a closer relationship with Him. To assist you in your journey, I am publishing two posts per week during the Year C Church Calendar. Published on Mondays, the "Bottom Line" meditations are designed to help you understand the weekly meditations, published on Thursdays, in a more "Godly" way rather than the more typical "Worldly" way.  Read more

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