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Third Sunday in Lent

Jesus tells the parable of a tree that has been given one chance after another by the gardener. The master is tired of waiting for it to produce fruit. Chop it down. The gardener replies, give me one more chance and I will fertilize it and perhaps it will start to produce. Alright, one more chance. We never know what happens to the tree. That is because Jesus wants to leave what happens to it up to us. We are the tree. Repenting in a worldly way is to confess our sins because that is what we did. The emphasis in the parable is on the sin, not sins. Sin is separation from God. Apart from God, we can do nothing. There is no fruit. John 15:5   Read more

Year C Third Sunday in Lent Bottom Line Meditations

Third Sunday in Lent: We have two lives, rational and spiritual. These meditations are to be an aid to increasing your spiritual understanding. The Season of Lent is an opportunity to strengthen our spiritual abilities to look within ourselves. These exercises can help us discover the different meaning looking at the same scripture from the spiritual side can make.  Read more

When we think of things rationally with our head, the physical is real and the spiritual is symbolic. When we think of things spiritually with our heart, the spiritual is real and the rational becomes symbolic. The challenge is to realize, at certain times, the physical and the spiritual are both real.  Read more

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