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Trinity Sunday

Most people have a better knowledge and experience with God the Creator and Jesus the Savior than the Holy Spirit the giver of Truth. Trinity Sunday is a time to emphasize the Spirit. St. Augustine wrote that the first two thousand years were the years of the Father. The next two thousand years were the years of The Son. He then prophesied that the third two thousand years will be the years of the Holy Spirit. We are now at the very start of the coming Age of the Holy Spirit.  Read more

First Sunday After Epiphany

What Epiphany is, is what it is. It is a sudden appearance or manifestation of a divine being. It is not something that happened two thousand or so years ago. It is what is happening now. The Gospel story of the wise men is not for historical remembrance but for spiritual insight for each of us today, for the season and for life.  Read more

Pentecost II Proper 5 Mark 3:20-35

Rationally, we let our theology define the words of Jesus. Spiritually, we let the words of Jesus define our theology. It means looking at the Scripture for some new Wisdom. God's forgiveness through Jesus is always there. No matter what it is, we can always be forgiven.  Read more

Pentecost John 15:26-27; 16:4b-15; 15:26

Rationally, everyone knows what the Spirit will testify. We testify what Jesus has told us about the Holy Spirit. He will testify on the behalf of Jesus. We are to testify because we have been with Him. He will guide us into all the truth. In his guidance, he will speak what comes to him from God. The Spirit will prophesy about events "to come". The Spirit will reveal the essential nature of God, and show Christ's essential nature and power. Whether the word comes from the Father, the Son, or the Spirit, it is the same.  Read more

Epiphany I, Mark 1:4-11 "The Spirit descended upon Him".

Today could be called "Baptism Sunday". It is a time in the church when many, from adults to babies, are baptized into the community of Christians. When people become Christians many times they move on in their life from the baptism event. Rarely is it ever celebrated as we celebrate other significant times in our life. When was the last time you celebrated your baptism?  Read more

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