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Third Sunday After Epiphany

It would be hard for a Christian to read St. Paul’s writings and not know we, as the Church, are the Body of Christ. Yet, St. Paul is the only New Testament writer who makes the statement that we are His Body. We are the only Religion that believes this. The Hebrews do not believe they are the body of Moses. The Muslims do not believe they are the body of Mohammed. The Buddhists do not believe they are the body of Buddha. What did the body of Christ mean to Paul and where did he get it?  Read more

Year C Third Sunday After Epiphany Bottom Line Meditations

Spiritual language is natural, conscious and innate. It is not something we learn, it is something we discover. This language is not rationally taught but consciously remembered. Take time to sense the godly Presence within when a spiritual word is added to the rational, worldly reading of scripture. Bottom Line Meditations for the week before the Third Sunday after Epiphany. We have two lives, rational and spiritual. Feel the difference how our spiritual understanding of life can change our rational understanding of life.  Read more

EPIPHANY III Mark 1:14-20 "Immediately"

Why did the disciples respond immediately when Jesus called them? Rational understanding would say Peter, Andrew, John and James all knew Jesus. It was as if they had grown up together, played in the sand, and worked in the carpenter's shop. Spiritual understanding would say, give me a break! They did not live that close to each other. They may have seen Him afar. But you cannot tell me they immediately left their nets to follow him because they were the "best of friends". Come off of it! There was something else going on there.  Read more

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