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Fifth Sunday in Lent

“The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me.” His words are for us today. There is a time right now for us to take care of ourselves. The poor we have with us always. If we do not take care of ourselves and those we love, there will be no one who can take care of our ministry. This is true for the World Wide Anglican Communion as well. We need to take care of our Church if we are to be able to do the outreach ministry we are called to do.  Read more

Pentecost XII John 6:51-58

Life is both physical and spiritual. Jesus is referring to spiritual life not physical life. We have been created to be in communion with God. When we are out of communion we are like a fish out of water. We are not bad, or guilty. We are just going to die spiritually. Out of the Presence we are our old self. In the Presence we are our real self.  Read more

Pentecost VIII Mark 6:30-34,50-54

In the lesson today Jesus was healing the people. Many wanted to touch His cloak. He could not keep telling them it was their faith. Let it happen. Why have apostles if it was not up to them to tell the people it was their faith that made them whole. Spirituality is not something you can teach. It cannot be explained rationally. It cannot be seen physically. It can only be pointed to and experienced.  Read more

Do This For The Remembrance Of Me

Jesus knew one of our biggest problems was we can’t remember things. We have amnesia. He gave us the Eucharist to remind us of His Word when He said to do this FOR the remembrance of me.  Read more

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