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Fourth Sunday in Epiphany

Jesus’ teaching of the Sermon on the Mount gives us the opportunity to understand the transforming power of grace. We can only know the difference experiencing grace makes if we note how our lives change as we shift from a legalistic mode of interpreting scripture to an interpretation based on the Grace of God. Our Legalistic response to scripture is based on a belief that we receive God’s blessing by first changing our lives to do His will; something that is impossible to do through our own efforts. Grace promises to transform our lives through His blessing in order to do His will; possible in the Grace Presence of God.  Read more

The “BE ATTITUDE” of Grace or the “DO ATTITUDE” of Legalism

Unfortunately, in many cases, the New Testament has been translated with a legalistic theology rather than one of Grace. A good Greek-to-English translator without any theology might do a better job of translating the New Testament than the theologian, because they are not burdened with rational theological agenda. A good example of this is how the Beatitudes are translated legalistically rather than gracefully in almost every biblical version.  Read more

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